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Rental suits – when time and an excellent effect are of the essence

A perfect suit fit requires time and patience – unfortunately, we cannot always afford either Customers in urgent need of elegant business attire can count on our suit and dinner jacket rental service. During a short visit in our showroom, we will discuss what kind of attire will be best suited to a particular situation and select suitable accessories.

The suit will be selected very carefully – our goal is to provide high-end clothing in which you will feel elegant, but comfortable. Our proposed suit models are in line with current trends and classic patterns of men’s fashion.

What can be rented?

In our showroom, we can provide business suits (jacket and trousers) and dinner jackets. They are all rented in accordance with the regulations, which the customer is obliged to read first. Fitting a rented garment to the customer’s figure is a unique service in the market.

Dinner jackets and suits are only available in our Buczyński City stores in Warsaw, Nowogrodzka 42 Str. and in Poznań, Kantaka 1 Str.

  • Dinner Jackets

    600,- Rent
  • Suits

    600,- Rent