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The fascination with fashion is the major element of the success of the Buczyński brand. Since 2008, I have been building a strong and stable brand, bringing together not only satisfied customers, but also specialists in tailoring, materials specialists, and followers of the latest trends in fashion. I have created a strong team of enthusiasts, which has managed to realize a common dream. Our work is what gives us joy.


During the period we have been present in the market, I have developed a stable position and established contacts with suppliers of fabrics, leather and accessories from around the world. Thanks to my numerous travels, meetings and observations, I know what to wear to look elegant in any situation. I am happy to share my knowledge and invite customers to visit the fascinating world of classic fashion.


Currently, Buczyński is a dynamically growing brand, which has regular customers, both at home and abroad. Using high quality materials from global suppliers, following the latest trends and being aware of the needs of modern men and women, we offer the best there is: perfectly tailored suits, shirts, coats, shoes and a wide choice of accessories.

  • 2008

    After years spent in industry advisory Marek Buczynski decided to open salon of tailoring called Buczynski Individual Tailoring

  • 2010

    Introduction to offer sewing corporate clothes, pilots uniforms/ Stewardesses hotel and employee uniforms

  • 2012

    Opening of the Mercer Szycie na Miarę in Warsaw at Nowogrodzka Street

  • 2015

    Opening of the Mercer Szycie na Miarę in Poznań at Kantaka Street

  • 2016

    Combination of Buczynski Individual Tailoring and Mercer tailoring in a brand “Buczynski"


Classic fashion is our passion - we want our projects to be not only durable and functional, but above all, to make their owners feel special. To this end, we are constantly looking for new inspiration; we use high-quality fabrics, interesting patterns and original accessories. We want to see the garments created by us serve and bring enjoyment for many years.

Our made to measure showrooms are places where customers can rely on professional advice and assistance, but also on time, which we fully devote to them. We know how important the individual approach is, therefore we care about the friendly atmosphere and making each customer feel at ease with us.


Since childhood, I have been encountered fashion and elegance. Despite the difficult times of the communist era, my father, a civil servant, was considered one of the best-dressed directors of the Regional Office in Poznan. Mama, as a Doctor of Law, also skilfully matched her classic attire to her age and was a model of good style. At home, care was taken to present an immaculate appearance, and as a boy I had the opportunity to wear a bowtie, which certainly affected my future passion for classic fashion.

Studies both at home and abroad, followed by work, gave me tremendous opportunities related to personal development, expanding my knowledge and cultivating my interest in fashion. Along with climbing successive rungs on the corporate career ladder, I had the opportunity to see and admire elegant outfits, often tailor-made. While working in multinational corporations such as PwC, Deloitte and AT Kearney, I was surprised to notice the huge gap between European fashion and what I saw every day in Warsaw office blocks. Thus, the concept of business emerged, which in Poland was still lacking - suits tailored in accordance with the canons of classical fashion and modern trends. The first store opened in 2008 in the capital district of Mokotów.

Since then, the brand has been constantly evolving, while I myself can happily combine my passion, interests and flair for business.

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